Delaware KidFit is a fitness, strength and conditioning program designed for children.  Our comprehensive program is scalable to each child and their particular needs.  The goal of Delwaware KidFit is to ensure that all children, while participating in the entire program or just the Fitness program or only the Krav Kids progarm, have the opportunity to experience what healthy living is all about while running, jumping, throwing, pushing, pulling, and playing safely and successfully.


Classes are held weekdays (Monday – Thursday and Saturday)  Fitness class is on Monday-Wednesday-Saturdayand Krav Kids is Tuesday and Thursday.  All classes are instructed by our KidFit Coaches who are Crossfit Level One instructors as well as certified Krav Maga coaches under USKMA.

Our program not only will get kids moving and healthy, we will also provide lessons on Nutrition, skills, and games that they can use everyday.


Throughout each session, we will incorporate gymnastics, metabolic conditioning, and weight lifting while touching on the following 10 physical fitness skills:


Each 45 minute class will include:


Age Groups: This program is designed for Children K thru 8th grade.  Workouts will be scaled for each level and each child as necessary to meet their age and ability level.  Please contact us with any questions.

Picture Credit: Korean Resource Center, Flickr

Christine Stevens
Crossfit Lvl 1 trainer
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