CrossFit: The Most Effective Route To a Healthy Lifestyle.

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

We’ve all heard about the importance of diet and exercise in a healthy lifestyle. It’s been preached and encouraged since we were children. But aside from being told to, “stay active,” we aren’t given much guidance as to what exactly to do. Ask google, facebook, or any other online source and you’ll get a plethora of paths to take, including things like Massive Muscle Hypertrophy Training, Sweaty Sauna Stretching, and the unbelieveable 5 Minute Abs nonsense. BUT HOW DOES THIS HELP SUSTAIN A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE?

CrossFit not only gets you sweaty through constantly varying exercises and weight training, it’s use of functional movements mimic what you do outside of the gym. This makes every-day tasks easier. CrossFitters are regularly squatting, lifting, running, and picking themselves up off the floor. When they leave the gym they continue to do those same movements. Squatting into a chair, lifting groceries into their car, running with their children or pets, and getting off the ground (for whatever reason they're down there).

Very rarely will you need to do something in the real world where you are isolating your bicep. Maybe if you’re showing off after buying groceries. Very rarely will you need to hold a position like a plank for several minutes in an extremely hot and humid environment. Now, think about how often you need to safely lift an object off the ground. In CrossFit we put a huge emphasis on universal motor recruit patterns, or in other words, we move and lift the way our body is meant to move and lift, squatting, lunging, hinging, jumping, lifting, pressing, puling, etc. No unnecessary muscle isolation for big guns, and no empty promises of quick abs. That’s not to say massive arms and a lean body aren’t possible with CrossFit, just look at Rich Froning and Tia Toomey.

If you’re not sure where to start, or if you’re tired of the same treadmill, dumbbell curls, and bench press workouts, try doing something useful. Try doing something that translates to real life. Try doing something yields lasting results and truly helps sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Try CrossFit. Join Delaware Fit Factory.

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