How To Make Friends As An Adult

It was easy when we were kids. You're stuck in a classroom with your peers, or put on a sports team, and you make friends with those around you. But what do you do when you grow up? It can be awkward forcing conversation with coworkers that you see every day. You may not even like them. Finding friends at a bar can lead to some pretty unhealthy habits, like always meeting at a bar. And traditional gyms are full of people wearing headphones and/or taking selfies.

Have you considered CrossFit?

CrossFit's group training environment puts you back into the "classroom" just like when you were a kid. Class starts, an instructor leads you through various warmups, drills, and workouts, and everyone learns and works hard TOGETHER.

How is CrossFit different from any other group training?

CrossFit by definition is "constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity." Because of the varied movements, varied weights, and the ability to easily modify and scale workouts to meet an individuals strength and skill level, everyone gets a great workout and finds things they are good at as well as things they need to improve on.

Here's an example;

Todd, an avid runner who regularly completes 5Ks and half marathons, joins Delaware Fit Factory. Because of his background in long distance running, he struggles on the first few workouts that feature a lot of weightlifting. His second week a workout features a lot of running and bodyweight movements. No dumbbells, kettlebells, or barbells in sight, and he completes the workout with the fastest time of the day. Todd excels in the workouts that lean on his strengths, and now has goals to add muscle and strength to perform better at the weightlifting workouts. He wouldn't get this if he went for long runs by himself 3 days a week.

Another example;

Judy has never worked out in her life, but a recent health concern has her ready to make a change. She joins Delaware Fit Factory but can't do the pull-ups in the workout. No problem. The instructor modifies the workout to ring rows, allowing Judy to get the same benefits of the pulling motion, as well as helping her move through the rest of the workout to achieve the desired results. Over time Judy will get stronger and, with dedication and hard work, will get to those pull-ups. She will also see improvements in other areas, such as fat loss, total body strength, coordination, aerobic capacity, and so much more. She wouldn't get all this if she sat on a bike in a spin class 3 days a week.

But how do these examples help me make friends as an adult?

Everyone encourages Todd as he pushes through the weightlifting workouts, and high fives him in awe when he blows everyone away on the days with a lot of running. Judy gets motivation and fist bumps from other members as she finishes a tough workout, and her doctor, family, and coworkers all notice as her health drastically improves. Everyone is going through the same workout, everyone is working hard, and everyone is improving TOGETHER. That kind of connection can't be forged run a gym where nearly everyone has headphones in their ears. It can't be forged at a watering hole, and more than likely isn't being made at work where you're ready to race out the door at 5:00 every day.

Working hard, sweating, improving overall health, and achieving goals TOGETHER is what makes CrossFit so special. The next thing you know, you're not talking about how fast you can run 400 meters and how much you can squat, but rather how your kids are doing and if they caught the Browns game on Sunday. Friendships forged through fitness are long-lasting and truly one of a kind.

Ready to make some friends?

Doug Wattenschaidt

Owner, Delaware Fit Factory

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