Stop Yo-Yo dieting and training. Think long-term.

Lose 30 pounds in 30 days. Lose inches in days. 6 pack abs in 10 minutes a day. Any of these sound familiar? Absolutely. Have any of these ever worked? Absolutely not. At least not long-term.

Let’s take fitness and health out of the equation for a minute. If you’ve got a leak under your sink, what do you do? Do you put on tape on the pipe or a towel on the floor and go about your day? Or do you turn off the water, replace the pipes, gaskets, etc that are leaking? The first option is just a band aid, and the problem will return with time. The second option addresses and fixes the actual problem rather than dealing with the symptoms. The first option is inexpensive at first, but could lead to mold, rust, and a slew of other issues down the road. The second option costs a little more up front and requires a bit more work, but it’s much better in the long run. Now replace the metaphorical leak under your sink with your health and fitness.

Drastically cutting calories and spending hours on a treadmill just to fit into that spring break outfit will no doubt lead to a crash (ie: extremely low energy) and more often than not leads to binging as a “reward” for all the hard work. Whatever weight came off quickly comes back and your back to google weight loss trends. Rather than looking for a quick fix or the easy way out, ask yourself this… How long did it take you to reach a point in your life that you wanted to make a change? Probably longer than you can remember. Now why on earth would a quick-fix diet or training plan change years of unhealthy habits in days or weeks? What you need to consider is a lifestyle change, one that considers nutrition and exercise LONG TERM.

Start small by making better choices with your diet. Legally I cannot give nutrition advice as I am not a certified dietician, however CrossFit Inc’s take on nutrition is what turned my life around.

Next, join a gym that will help you achieve your goals. According to The Washington Post, most “globo gyms” actually don’t want you to use your membership. It’s cheaper when you don’t show because it requires them to have and maintain less equipment, less space is needed in workout areas and locker rooms, and less staff is required on the clock. Instead find a gym that specializes in workouts lead by a trainer, has a community that holds you accountable, and offers you relationships with people in the same situation rather than pizza or bagels on Fridays (because that $h!t won’t help you reach your goals either).

Finally, remember the long term goal. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither will your healthy lifestyle. Think again about how long you’ve been contributing to your current state. To achieve lasting results you need to be patient, you need to work hard, and you need to forget about the fake health and fitness “hacks” that are only temporary solutions.

Skip the quick fix and think long term lifestyle changes. In the long run you’ll be healthier, stronger, and if you join the right gym (*cough cough* Delaware Fit Factory) you’ll build some amazing life long relationships. Don’t believe me? Check out Marlo and Phil’s story.

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