Doug Breglia
Doug Breglia


back squat-355.

thurmanator eaten in 11 minutes.

24 hardboiled eggs in 10 minutes.

Pretty good with Excel.


CrossFit level 1.

All-around cool guy.

Owner of world's okay-est Dad mug

Turbo coach

Doug Breglia

I've been doing CrossFit since 2012. I used to play ultimate until my knees gave out. I overly enjoy making Dad jokes. I have the absolute best wife and family anyone could ask for.  Will twerk for donuts

My enemies are weakness in pasta, sugar, and beer. I used to be able to outrun and out work my marginal dietary choices.  But now I am working harder, getting older, physically breaking down. I refuse to let it get me down, and I can slowly get my choices in line. I'm still working to get better every day.

I am motivated to bring everyone up just a little bit in every class. Even if you don't set a PR, I am working for a smile, a laugh, a sweaty hug, some little glimmer in all the heavy breathing and sore muscles.