Doug Wattenschaidt
Doug Wattenschaidt

Bench: 265

Snatch: 205

Max Bar Muscle-Ups: 20

Murph: 38:30

Fran: 3:02

2,000m Row: 6:57


CrossFit Level 2

HSN Nutrition Coach

Owner, CrossFit & Nutrition Coach

Doug Wattenschaidt

My fitness journey truly began in 2014 when my firstborn was on the wayANDI had major back surgery. The doctors told me I would never back squat again...the joke's on them becauseatthetimeI hadn't lifted weight since high school football. I needed to make aseriouschangeso that I couldbe the best dad possible for my little girl. After a long recovery, I began to take my nutrition more seriously, got into running and lifting weights, andthen in 2016 was introduced to CrossFit. I joined Delaware Fit Factory, became a coach in 2018, then bought DFF in 2019.

Themajorturning point inmindlife was realizing that my firstborn was on the wayandI needed to accept that no one elsewas going todo the work for me.I needed to take action, be disciplined, and work hard if I wanted to be physically fit enough to play with and take care of my baby girl. Fast forwardandI now have two amazing girls who motivate and encourage meevery dayto be the best father and business owner I can be.

Teaching CrossFit and showing the world that their fitness and health should be a top priority is a strong passion of mine. Working out should be FUN, something you GET to do, not HAVE to do. Same with nutrition, it doesn't have to be bland or boring and a chore but instead can be an amazing lifestyle full of flavor. I want to show others that it IS possible and with consistent hard work they can be BETTER EVERY DAY.